Hosted Desktops

SwishHost is pleased to provide hosted desktop plans to customers worldwide. Utilising our extended network, your data, apps and more are available from any internet-accessible device in the world. Hourly backups, 24/7 customer support and more available today!

Single User Hosted Desktop

Our Single User Hosted Desktop plan is perfect for those who want to have everything in one place. With 10GB of usable storage to save all your documents, images, excel sheets and more, you have plenty of space. Furthermore, let us know what apps you have or need and we’ll get them installed for you to use!

5 User Hosted Desktop

Our 5 User Hosted Desktop plan is perfect for small businesses who want to allow their staff to work from the road or from home. With 10GB of usable storage each and a further 500GB of shared storage space. Your business is in safe hands!

We will even install any applications you need to use to keep you online!

10 User Hosted Desktop

Our 10 User Hosted Desktop plan is perfect for those businesses who are expanding and want to allow employees to work from home or from the road. With 50GB of individual user storage and 1TB of shared storage. Your business can keep going no matter what happens.

Our Dedicated Hosted Desktop Plan is perfect for businesses who want to control their desktops. 500GB of User Storage space, 5TB of Shared Storage space, 8 dedicated CPU’s and 256GB DDR4 Memory and access from anywhere in the world guaranteed. Your business will stay online no matter what happens!