10 User Hosted Desktop

£39.99 / month

Our 10-user hosted desktop plan is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that need to store all of their information in one central location and allow users to access their information from anywhere in the world.

What’s included?

With our 10 User Hosted Desktop plan, you get access to the best setup on the market! We include:

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Multi-Site Setup
  • 10 users included
  • Dedicated server
  • 50GB user storage
  • 1 TB shared storage
  • Microsoft Office 2021
  • We install your software

How we keep you online

We use multi-site setup. This means that if your business is located in Leeds, you’ll connect to our UK datacenter. If you have a employee in or travel to Texas, U.S, they’ll connect to our U.S datacentre and still have access to the same data and applications that you do in Leeds. This also allows for one datacenter to go offline without your business or idea grinding to a halt as you’ll connect to the next nearest datacenter. With more datacenters going live weekly, you’re business and ideas are in safe hands!