Dedicated VoIP Service

£89.99 / month

Our Dedicated VoIP Service is cruical to any business. One centralised VoIP service allows your employees to work from anywhere in the world whilst still having a UK number. Our Dedicated Service grants you your very own server hosted on our extensive network giving you the piece of mind of a 99.9% uptime.


  • Dedicated Server
  • Group UK Local Number (01,02)
  • Unlimited Users/Extensions Included
  • Individual Direct Dial Local Numbers
  • Unlimited Ring Group (call one number and reach everyone)
  • Unlimited UK minutes to landlines and mobiles
  • Voicemail to Email for everyone

How we keep you online?

VoIP runs on the internet. Therefore, many things can go wrong. Most VoIP providers use one or two servers to host all of their clients. If both of those servers go down, you lose access to your business phone number and customers and potential sales. Here at SwishHost, we use multiple servers dotted across the world to keep you going so even when one server goes down, you’ll automatically switch over to one of our other servers, so your business can carry on.


One of our team members will be in touch with you about setting up your new Dedicated VoIP Service. They will run through a number of questions, such as what area code you would like your numbers to be in, etc.