Managed DNS

£6.99 / month

Our new Managed DNS offer is fully managed online. We utilise our entire network to ensure your customers have quick access. We don’t charge per request or per record. Just per domain. So you can have one visitor or a million visitors and the price won’t change.


Why use SwishHost Managed DNS?

SwishHost’s Managed DNS plan will keep your services online 24/7. By utilising anycast addresses one IP address (or DNS address) splits to four different datacentre locations all holding your data in the strictest of security. This means that even if one of our datacentres goes offline, your website will continue running.

Many of our competitors charge per request or per record. We don’t. You can never foresee the future, so, you’re safe in the knowledge that even if you have a quiet month or a really busy month. Our price won’t change. If you want to add another domain name, then contact your account manager who will add additional domain names for just £2 extra a month.