£5.99 / month

SwishHost is proud to present our Worldwide VPN Plan

With our Worldwide VPN plan you can connect to one of our 100 servers located across the world. You can connect up to 10 devices and block nasty web traffic attacking them. We will never collect data from you (not even how much you use) so you can be certain that you’re safe with us!


1. Safe, Secure and Speedy

We’re proud to guarantee that you’ll never sacrifice your internet speeds, nor will you be hit with malware like viruses, infected websites and trackers.

2. Your Data Stays Yours

We’ve all heard that big tech takes more data than they should. Here at SwishHost – we don’t. We’re not big tech and we’d rather keep you as a happy customer for a long time than have you with us for a few months whilst we harvest your data.

3. We’re not the biggest but we’re here for you

We’ve not got thousands of servers in over 50 countries. But our friendly support team are available by email and by Facebook 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Get onto Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more

Most VPN companies are blocked from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others. Here at SwishHost – we’re not. So stream to your hearts’ content.

What’s the price difference?

Prices correct as of 16/03/2022. All prices per month

SwishHost VPN: £5.99

NordVPN: £10.55 (incl. VAT)

ExpressVPN: £10.25

SurfShark: £9.90

Private Internet Access: £8.09

PureVPN: $10.95