VoIP - Keeping your business online

SwishHost utilises our core network for our VoIP services. Spanning across the globe, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK or Australia, you’re guaranteed to have as clear a call as you would on any other method.

Single User VoIP

Our Single User VoIP Plan comes with a free UK local number (01 or 02), 100 minutes to any UK landline or mobile, unlimited call recording and voicemail to email.

This is perfect for tradesmen who want a professional look but don’t want to invest in a full system as you can still use your mobile.

Five Users VoIP

Our Five Users VoIP Plan is feature packed for those small offices who want to be able to work from both the office and home. 

With a free UK landline number, 1000 minutes to any UK landline or mobile, a ring group (one number calls everyone) and voicemail to email. Your business is guaranteed for every eventuality! 

Ten Users VoIP

Our Ten Users VoIP Plan is perfect for businesses that are expanding and have people working on the road or from home.

With a main business line (UK landline number), unlimited minutes to any UK landline or mobile, individual direct phone numbers and three ring groups (each with their own numbers) all included. Your business is in safe hands no matter what happens!

Dedicated VoIP

Our Dedicated VoIP service is perfect for larger businesses who need total control over their telephone network. 

With a dedicated server, unlimited users all with their own dedicated landline numbers, a group UK landline number, unlimited minutes to any number in Europe and so much more. This is perfect for businesses who are expanding!